Valentine Bookmarks

If you’re going to pass out Valentines, they should probably be useful—bookmarks! Available for you as a free PDF download because everyone should spread the book love.

If you use them, please let me know—tag me, send photos! I’d love to see them in the wild. <3


2018 digital calendar

I like to have a lock screen on my phone that displays the month's calendar for quick reference. Grab it if you'd like: December Calendar

Past months: January's calendarFebruary's CalendarMarch CalendarApril Calendar, May Calendar, June calendar, July calendarAugust calendar, September Calendar, October Calendar, November Calendar


Nerd Camp

Nerd Camp takes place in Parma, Mi, founded by folks passionate about literacy in learning. The 2-day conference is for teachers, librarians, educators, authors, and illustrators. 5 out of 5 - would recommend. I was honored to contribute the illustration for the 2018 t-shirts! 


International Alliance of Youth Writing Centers

“There is no lever to power more accessible than the written word, and we are determined to give this power to as many young people around the world as possible.”

I’m honored to be part of the Board of Advisors for The International Alliance of Youth Writing Centers. Giving youth platforms to be heard and celebrated will forever be a driving force in my life. Go check it out!


Bravery magazine - Issue Two: Mae Jemison

Grateful to have contributed a few spreads to this gorgeous magazine. "Bravery Magazine is a quarterly print publication for girls and boys that features strong female role models. Each issue highlights a brave woman and teaches about her life and work in a fun, engaging way." 


Nerdy Babies Cover Reveal (Nerdy Book Club)

Not gonna lie … it felt especially wonderful to reveal the covers of the first Nerdy Babies books over on the Nerdy Book Club blog:


Get to Know Emmy Kastner (Jarrett Lerner)

Jarrett Lerner is one kind, talented soul. He’s a builder and connecter between bookmakers, as well as between youth and bookmakers. Grateful for his time and energy, and having me over on his blog:


Love Letter America

This postcard, initially designed for Pro Kzoo to make voices heard in congressional and senate offices in Michigan, is a part of Love Letter America. You can print off a postcard and let folks in the House and Senate know what values we cherish and expect them to uphold.

Untitled_Artwork 30.jpg

Factory Coffee

My husband and I own this coffee shop, which is situated below my studio. Very convenient! I have fun doing all the illustration/design work. We have really good coffee too. 


Water Street Coffee

This design celebrating Michigan can be found on t-shirts at all Water Street Coffee locations. 



It's true. Kalamazoo loves books, and also LOVES Bookbug. This print was part of 2017 Independent bookstore day. Much love to indie bookstores, and especially this one. 


Gather Journal

You can find some of my words throughout several issues of Gather Journal, a gorgeous collection of food, art and writing. In the latest issue, "Heroines: Women and Art" you can read about my Amelia Bedelia Halloween costume. 


Handmade Kalamazoo

Check out this handy postcard that leads you from the farmers' market over to Handmade Kalamazoo. Lots of fun Vine Neighborhood highlights. Go visit Handmade Kalamazoo at the market!